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Responsive web design
Responsive template for Pixmicat! Imageboard System

Plurk Image-Metadata Converter
Plurk Image URL text decode into Plurk user's UID

Raspberry Pi Monitoring Script
Easy, lightweight, Python write Script for monitoring Raspberry Pi

Python run WoL

OpenVPN and SOCKS proxy Routing File
Customized For Japan Website Which Has IP Address Blocking

Content Farm and Malware Website Blacklist
Content farm blocklist
Content farm blocklist for AdBlocker/AdGuard

Last Update: 2020-07-27 13:53 GMT+8
Having issue about this blocklist? please see the description below.

In development

NodeCat Porject
Reinterpretation Pixmicat! Imageboard System Via Node.js

Using Python asking router ARP, or keep specify device on ARP list

Pokemon Go Plus Enhanced Solution


Circuit Design
kiCads's Circuit Design / Gerber

About Personal Blocklist

If you wnat to use my personal blocklist :

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If you want my personal blocklist adding website I didn't recruit, or remove some innocent website :

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